Career Samrat Quiz

1.Question :

How much bones in our body?

   106      200      206  

2.Question :

How much muscles in our body?

   206      306      600  

3.Question :

Pongal is the harvest festival of?

   Delhi      Bihar      Tamil Nadu  

4.Question :

Festival of Bihu is celebrated in?

   Kerala      Uttar Pradesh      Assam  

5.Question :

Medicinal plant is?

   Tulshi      Mango      Teak Tree  

6.Question :

Titanic ship was made by?

   Seven Star Company      White Star Company      Blue Star Company  

7.Question :

Which one pleasant season of the year?

   Autumn      Spring      Rainy  

8.Question :

Small root emerging from a germinating seed is

   Plumule      Seed Coat      Cotyledon      Radicle  

9.Question :

Rabi crop is

   Rice      Maize      Cotton      Wheat  

10.Question :

What is the time taken by sunlight to reach earth ?

   8 min 16 second      8 min 11 second      8 min 12 second      8 min 17 second  

11.Question :

Name of the galaxy which is nearest to our galaxy milkyway?

   Virgo      Andromeda      Corvus      Ursa Major  

12.Question :

Indian standard time (IST) is taken from which place of india ?


   Delhi      Kolkata      Naini near Allahabad      Mumbai  

13.Question :

What is the name of world longest mountain range ?

   The Andes (South America)      Rocky Mountains (North America[)      Himalayas (Asia)      Swiss Alps (Europe)  

14.Question :

Which country has largest boundary ?

   Kazakhstan–Russia      Argentina–Chile      Canada–United States      Bangladesh-India  

15.Question :

What is the PH of blood ?

   7.2      7.3      7.4      7.5  

16.Question :

Name the largest gland in human body ?

   Liver      Heart      Brain      Bones  


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