Career Samrat Quiz

1.Question :

Parts of the computer that we can see, touch and work is called:

   Hardware      Software      Liveware  

2.Question :

These Devices are used to display the result of processing of the data:

   Input devices      Output devices      Processing devices  

3.Question :

It displays images and videos from a computer on a large screen

   Moniter      Printer      Projecter  

4.Question :

A computeris a machine

   Made by nature      made by humans      made by earth  

5.Question :

Which key is used to type capital letter?

   Arrow key      Caps lock key      Num lock key  

6.Question :

"#" Symbol appears when we press

   Shift+2      Shift+8      Shift+3  

7.Question :

Which key is used to turn on the numeric keypad present on the right side of keyboard?

   Num lock key      Delete key      Spacebar key  

8.Question :

What is the use of WordPad?

   For Typing      For Drawing      For Coloring  

9.Question :

CPU is called the brain of the computer what does CPU stand for?

   Control Processing Unit      Calculations Processing Unit      Central Processing Unit  


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